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Publié : 3 juin 2016
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Tuesday morning : the pump house

Avec M Tamouh nous avons rédigé un texte qui explique la journée du mardi :

First, we took the bus at 8.50 AM from the school to the forest in Chamblac then we walked down the forest to get to the pump house. It was cold, muddy and rainy so we were happy to arrive even if we thought it would be bigger ! Inside the pump house, Léa’s father- who work’s there- showed us around and explained the working of the pump house and it was very interesting ! The pump takes the water which is then sent to the water tower, after the purification. we visited the water tower and it was impressive ! It’s a shame we were not allowed to see the upper side of the water tower.
Finally, we went back to school at 10.40 AM and we created the model of the water tower with our maths teacher Mrs Treton until 11.55 AM. It was a cold but interesting day !

Voici, en quelques mots et en français, le récit de la journée du mardi :

Nous avons été dans la forêt du Chamblac pour visiter la station de pompage. Puis nous sommes allés visiter le château d’eau du Chamblac. Quand nous sommes revenus au collège nous avons commencé la maquette du château d’eau.